Data Recovery from Hard disk USB or Memory Card

Mobile Repairs & Unlocking

At Computer & Mobile Repair Shop Burnley, smartphone repair is our passion!

Is your mobile phone not working and requires a repairs? You've dropped your Phone/tablet and now the screens broken. We can help and in most cases you shouldn't be without your phone for more than an hour or two! Don’t panic, Computer & Mobile Repair Shop can help! We are experts at repairing a wide variety of mobile phones throughout Burnley, Nelson, Padiham, Accrington, Colne and beyond.

Due to the small size and complexity of mobile devices, smartphone repair in Burnley often proves necessary. However, a cellphone isn’t something that you should try to fix on your own. Let’s review the benefits of using Computer & Mobile Shop service:

  • Qualified technicians ready to go the extra mile
  • Free Estimates
  • Fast repair while you wait (as fast as 25 minutes)
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Open till 8 o’clock on weekdays
  • Located in Midtown Burnley near Lidl.

All kinds of smartphone repairs

Computer & Mobile Repair Shop Burnley can fix ANY phone/tablet in less than 1 hour. These devices contain tiny, fragile components, so smartphone repairs requires special training, tools and expertise. Brand-specific replacement hardware and parts are also necessary.
We deal with a variety of faults to almost every phone model and tablet:
Broken Screen
Faulty Battery
Home Buttons
Power Buttons
and much more.
If your phone is faulty or broken, why not contact us now for low-price fix/quote:
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PC / Laptop Repairs

At Computer & Mobile Repair Shop Burnley, Laptop repair is our speciality!


Got problem with your laptop? Broken LCD or keyboard? Water damaged? Get a free diagnostic on the spot to repair your PC. You need your computer fixed right away and we will make that happen for you. We can provide you with a free estimate. Phone, email or visit us in person and we can assess what's wrong. Upon inspection we can provide you a fixed price for the job which means you will know exactly what you're going to pay with no unexpected or hidden costs! Most jobs can be completed within 48 hours so we can have you back up and running in no time. You can speak directly to the repair technician as well.

Computer & Mobile Repair Burnley have been in business since 2010 and most of us have been repairing computers for years before that as well. We have clocked up many thousands of repairs so far for clients in Burnley, Nelson, Padiham, Accrington and beyond so if you have a problem, we have almost certainly seen it before and will know what to do.

We are expert in fixing PC / Laptop issues:

Broken LCD Broken Keyboard
Computer is slow or freezes Computer will not boot up
Cannot access Internet or email Computer virus / spyware
Laptop shuts down on its own Spilled Liquid on Laptop
Broken laptop screen Getting a blue screen / error message
Can’t charge laptop Hardware issues / software issues
Won’t start up / won’t power up  

Other problems with PC/Laptops

  • Power DC Jack Replacement
  • Motherboard repair and motherboard replacement
  • On board Video Chip GPU repair (Nvidia, ATI, Intel)
  • Dvd drive replacement
  • Laptop LCD Screen Replacement
  • Hard Drive replacement
  • Windows Installation and Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • Laptop Water Damage repair
If your PC/laptop screen is broken or, why not contact us now for low-price fix/quote:
Call us now: 0128 254 0556

Data Recovery


Have you lost your PC/Laptop data? Have you formatted your USB or Memory Card and lost all your images/data? Do not worry, we can help.

Our Process

Not living in the area? No problem, Send Us your device for data recovery.

Why Choose Burnley Data Recovery Center?

  • The only reliable data recovery center in the region
  • Free Diagnostics - We will assess your drive and give you a free, no obligations quote
  • No Data No Fee* - If we can't retrieve your data, you don't pay (*A fee may apply if the drive has been opened previously)
  • Fast Recovery - Most jobs completed within 2 - 3 days of go ahead. If you're in a hurry then let us know, we could get it back to you next day
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Open till 8 o’clock on weekdays
  • Located in Midtown Burnley near Lidl

What We can Recover

We can recover data from a wide variety of media and devices, like:

Laptop Data Recovery Desktop Data Recovery
Laptop shuts down on its own Mobile Memory Card Data Recovery
External Hard Drive Data Recovery Memory Stick/USB Pen Data Recovery
Can’t charge laptop Camera Card / Memory Data Recovery

We have many years of experience in recovering lost or formatted data from USB, Hard Disk, Memory Cards etc., We have advanced tools and softwares for data recovery making you assured that your device and data are in good hands. We are able to recover data from:

  • Formatted Drive / USB / Memory Card
  • Slow Responding Drive
  • Deleted Formatted Files
  • Clicking Drive
  • Dropped Drive
  • Dead Drive
  • Broken USB Pen
  • Computer Blue Screen / Computer Wont Boot
We can recover your lost data, why not contact us now for low-price fix/quote:
Call us now: 01282 540 556